Everyone Has a STORY!

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for the community to join with my sister and I to #empower #expose and #encourage our young women to continue to break through “glass ceilings” and achieve higher heights!


#empower #expose #encourage

 This Thanksgiving season my sister and I are #beyondblessed to have our dreams come to fruition! Our dreams were not handed to us. We worked very hard and kept the undying faith that we could, in fact, achieve dreams of becoming DOCTORS. We want to use our story to help other young women achieve their STEM and Health professional dreams. Our 501c3 non-profit, S.C.O.R.E. INC. allows us to have a platform to provide the tools and skills young women will need to help achieve their goals.

 OUR STORY! Why We Give Back.

 It all started with a pact. Two sisters, Dr. Janelle Davison, OD, and Dr. Joya Lyons, DDS, took an unofficial oath at an early age to pursue medicine when they grew up. “The Plan”, which they referred to said pact, was rooted in speaking positively, writing their goals down on a piece paper, and sticking it on their bedroom wall to make it plain; and their willingness to succeed at all cost.
Having been born to two college-educated parents, education was paramount in their household, so going off to college was a no-brainer for these two. Yet, finding the resources and mentorships that spoke directly to little black boys and girls, was a huge feat.  Hailing from a middle class, predominantly white community, outside of Detroit Michigan, both sisters felt the impact of a systemic racism and discrimination.  However, “The Plan” outranked any smidgen of resistance, whether overt or subtle.
College proved to be a whole new experience for the sisters who are five years apart. They both attended HBCUs (Historically Black College and Universities) and learned in depth about The Black Experience in America, their history and how to wholly embrace their blackness.
The creation of S.C.O.R.C.E, INC, which stands for Successful, Confident, Optimistic, Regal and Engaging, comes from a place of Christian ministry and an inherent calling on their lives for fellowship and mentorship. It caters to young girls of low to middle income, from all backgrounds, who are rising high school juniors interested in pursuing professions in the fields of medicine and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). S.C.O.R.E launched in January 2017 as another layer of “The Plan.”
Written by copyright:
Shirley Jean-Baptise
Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for the community to join with my sister and I to #empower #expose and #encourage our young women to continue to break through “glass ceilings” and achieve higher heights!
Visit https://www.paypal.me/scoreinc  or https://www.wescore.org/support-us to make your $100 2017 tax-deductible donation. Your $100 donation will help secure the future of one #STEMgirls or #womendoctors!
Help us reach our $2,000k #givingtuesday GOAL!!
Dr. Janelle OD
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Dr. Janelle OD is your expert Optometrist, with more than a decade of experience in eye health and prevention.

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