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Everything you need to know about New Dry Eye Treatments.

Dry Eye is one of the most common eye disorders, causing chronic discomfort in up to 100 million people worldwide, and the disease burden is forecast to increase due to increased screen time and average life expectancy. Dry Eye is a multifactorial disease process, meaning there is no single cause. It is linked to environmental factors, gender, medications, age and several systemic conditions. Dry Eye is often characterized by the discomfort of the eyes: burning, excessive tearing, excessive redness, changes in vision and a gritty sensation. Treating Dry Eye disease is a very daunting task for eye care providers. An extensive and thorough patient history and intake are very important in determining the root cause of the Dry Eye. Advancements in diagnostic techniques and treatment options allow eye care providers to diagnose dry eye earlier in the disease process; thereby reducing some of the severe ocular complications such as corneal ulcers, scarring, and potential blindness.

Three New Treatment Therapies Available for Dry Eye Disease:

  1. Xiidra (Lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5%): This is a drop FDA approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. A symptom is something you as the patient “feels” versus a sign, which is something the doctor can “see”. This new drop allows for early intervention in the dry eye disease process. According to a study done on the frequency of dry eye, nearly 25% of patients who visit an eye clinic report dry eye symptoms, with little or no clinical signs. In the past, eye doctors did not have a drop in their “doctor’s bag” that would help patients early in the dry eye process who didn’t show both “signs” and “symptoms”. show patients treated with Xiidra in clinical trials reported relief as early as 14 days!
  1. Avenova 40ml: This is an ocular spray FDA approved for red, itchy, crusty and inflamed eyes, often primary signs of mild to moderate dry eye disease. Our body has normal bacteria (like the “staphylococcus” bacteria) all over our eyelids. During the aging process, the balance of good vs bad bacteria may become imbalanced. This imbalance can create “flakey” bacteria-infected crust along the base of the eyelashes. These flakes can clog up special glands (Meibomian) along the lid margin causing a red, itchy and irritated eyelid. This, coupled with decreased tear production during aging, can cause dry eye disease. Avenova is pure hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a non-toxic solution formulated into a spray. Avenova is a great dry eye and lid hygiene therapy. When introduced into the eye, it “mimics” the body’s immune response. Avenova does not sting and it is safe to use for both adults and children.
  1. Advanced Wound Healing Therapy: Dry Eye Disease can cause havoc to the integrity of the most superficial layer (epithelium) of the cornea. If not treated, it can cause corneal ulcers and significant scarring on the cornea. Treating Dry Eye aggressively can help to reduce significant vision loss. Advanced Dry Eye therapy using an Amniotic Membrane Placement can help speed up the healing of the cornea, reducing the chance of blindness. AMP contributes to healing by acting as a “physical barrier” to protect the eye as it heals, reducing pain caused by eyelid friction during blinking. The membrane comes from the placenta (collected from consenting mothers). The membrane is placed on the eye and held in position by a soft contact lens and within 24-72 hours, the eye has begun to heal. The procedure is a minimally invasive, low risk, in office procedure with an excellent track record of success.

Dry Eye is a disease resulting in redness, burning, excessive tearing, gritty sensation and overall discomfort. Dry eye is worsened by frequent computer use (4+ hours/day), allergies, medications, age, and gender. In recent surveys, 64% of non-contact lens wearers and 80% of contact lens wearers reported occasional ocular discomfort. Don’t suffer any longer with dry and irritated eyes! Visit your eye doctor and ask about early treatment and advance treatment therapies in Dry Eye Disease.

Dr. Janelle is an advocate for early Dry Eye intervention and advanced treatment plans. Her successful Dry Eye treatment plans have improved the lives of hundred’s of patients.

Dr. Janelle Your Eye Care Expert

Clinical Director at Brilliant Eyes Vision Center


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